Our Vision

Stars Desert Tours & Travel aims to change tourism by prioritizing sustainability across social, economic, and environmental aspects.  

In the social aspect, we are dedicated to:

  1. Assisting local communities in Jordan by facilitating communications between travelers and locals, fostering cross-cultural understanding, and supporting initiatives that safeguard the environment.
  2. Combating child labor and promote education. We mandate our employees in remote areas to enroll their children in school and advise our clients against purchasing goods from child laborers.
  3. Empowering girls’ education. We support girls’ schools and provide educational opportunities, thereby contributing to the promotion of equality and empowerment in society.

In the economic aspect, we are dedicated to:

  1. Combating unemployment; by hiring as many young people aged between 21 and 25 as possible, aiming to achieve sustainable income that enhances the standard of living.
  2. Selecting French-speaking youth and provide training courses to enable them to work as tour guides, like Motasem Al-Abbadi, Abed Elhamid Abu Al-Hijaa, Malek Al-Hamoud, and Eman Arabati.
  3. Creating job opportunities for those needing to improve their French language skills by hiring them as drivers in Ramallah Mountains Tourist Transport Company, allied company, such as Khalid Sakhaina, Mohammed Assi, and Sohaib Al-Halahlah. For example, Sahib works with our company while still being a university student.
  4. Supporting communities in remote areas by training them to interact with tourists and provide local services, including cooking, accommodation, and Bedouin tourism guidance.
  5. Focusing on supporting Jordanian women by funding associations in various regions like Jerash, Amman, and Aqaba, which offer traditional cuisine and promote local products.

In the environmental aspect, we are dedicated to:

  1. Providing drinking water through large jugs to reduce plastic usage
  2. Using solar energy to generate electricity.
  3. In Wadi Rum we bring firewood from sustainable sources outside the desert to preserve vegetation cover.
  4. In our programs we encourage long-distance walking; to reduce the use of vehicles.
  5. Using hybrid vehicles to reduce harmful emissions.

In conclusion, Stars Desert Tours & Travel is committed to making tourism sustainable, benefiting clients, communities, and the environment.