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7 Days

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Daily Tour

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English, Francais

Program Brief
Welcome to Amman
Amman – Jerash
Kings Road, Karak, Dana, Petra
First day of visiting Petra
Second day of exploration of Petra, Transfer to the Wadi Rum desert
Wadi Rum – the Dead Sea
End of Your Trip

Day 1

Welcome to Amman

Welcome at the airport by our local team, help with arrival formalities and transfer to your host -

Total distance for the day: 30 km

- Total transport time: 30 min

Day 2

Amman - Jerash

After breakfast, visit the Greco-Roman city of Jerash, one of the largest and best preserved outside Rome. From the southern amphitheater and the Temple of Artemis one can enjoy excellent views of the site such as the Plaza, the temples, and other ruins.

Lunch at Beit Khirat Souf, a community of women prepare typical local cuisine. This

association raises their standard of living by increasing their income and preserving the local heritage. Return to Amman and visit the citadel. Located on one of the highest mountains this site offers impressive views of the old town of Amman. Also visit the Roman amphitheater, the museum

archaeological site and the museum of popular traditions. Finally, visit the King Abdallah L. Mosque Built between 1982 and 1989, it has become the symbol of the city. The mosque is crowned by a dome of magnificent blue mosaics.

Total distance of the day: 40 km

Total transport time: 45 min

This day contains:

✓ Breakfast


Day 3

Kings Road, Karak, Dana, Petra

Departure for the south and Petra by taking part of the road of the Kings linking Agaba to Amman. The Ro des Rois crosses exceptional landscapes and many small villages still sheltering the vestiges of past periods.

Stop en route at Karak, where there is a large fortress built by the Crusaders in the 12th century. It is arguably one of the finest remnants of medieval times in the Middle East. Built on two levels fortress includes a large number of rooms and vaulted passages which form a real labyrinth Then, we continue towards the natural reserve of Dana, covering 320 square kilometers of mountains

spectacular views and wadis (valleys) along the face of the Great Rift Valley. From scorching sand dunes in the west to cool mountain peaks in the east, the Dana Biosphere Reserve is home to a wide variety of wildlife and plant life. You will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of it during a walk of about 1 hour with a Bedouin guide. Arrival in Petra at the end of the day. Dinner and night in your hotel.

- Total distance of the day: 200 km

Total travel time: 3h30

This day contains:

Day 4

First day of visiting Petra
Today, you start a hike on a little traveled path, towards the peaks to enjoy viewpoints of Wadi Araba and Mount Aaron.
Then, you arrive near the spectacular monastery (Al-Deir). You will then take the direction of the Lower City to reach the Qasr al-Bint, the Great Temple, the Byzantine church and the Royal Tombs. At the end of the day, you leave the site through Wadi Al-Moudim, a wild canyon very little frequented Overnight in Petra.
- With an English-speaking guide
This day contains:
✓ Breakfast
✓ Dinner

Day 5

Second day of exploration of Petra, Transfer to the Wadi Rum desert

Visit from the main entrance of the City, then cross the famous Siq which leads to the Treasury of Khazneh, a majestic facade carved into the rock.


You continue your hike by the street of facades, dominated by the imposing Djebel Al-Khubtha where tombs and dwellings are nestled.

Then you will arrive in front of the Greco-Roman amphitheater, to finally continue your way to the High Place of Sacrifice, a summit leveled by the Nabataeans. Take a moment to admire the view

panoramic it offers you.

Then; we take for the amazing desert of Wadi Rum. You will get into 4x4s to discover the treasures of the desert and to reach an isolated and unknown place where you can admire the sunset, before

return to camp.

Overnight in a bubble camp. - Total distance of the day: 115 km

- Total travel time: 2h

This day contains:

✓ Breakfast

✓ Dinner


Day 6

Wadi Rum – the Dead Sea

Morning hike in the Wadi Rum desert.

Then, we will reach the Dead Sea through the Wadi-Araba desert which marks the border between Jordan and Israel. We will discover the gorge of Wadi Al-Mujib on our way, before discovering our hotel

In the afternoon, swim in the Dead Sea, relax by floating in the salty waters or resting by the pool.

Dinner and overnight at the Dead Sea.

by the seaside.

Day 7

End of Your Trip


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