We are a Jordanian-French travel agency founded in 2009, based in Amman. We hold an official accreditation of travel agency and organization of bivouacs. Ali, with more than 15 years of professional experience as a tour guide, now leads our local teams of more than 20 people. Regularly on the ground, he puts his skills and all his energy at the service of our customers, to make their stay unforgettable. Marie, who arrived in Jordan in 2007, takes care of all the administrative and commercial aspects of our various partners in the French market. Together we offer tailor-made tours to make you appreciate Jordan and the wonders it offers. We put at your service: - our excellent knowledge of the country; - comparison and study of the best means of transport; - the search for the best quality-price ratio, adapted to your budget - the global view of your request to offer you the best - the offer of various services: visas, stages, transfers etc. .... - advice of all kinds: climate, vaccines, customs ... - the guarantee of security and assistance; Wherever you are, if you encounter problems, you will always have the help and support of your agency, available 24 hours a day Our values Our actions on the ground are aimed at preserving nature, protecting local cultures and ensuring understanding and respect between visitors and visited. We develop our trips and tours with a certain ethic. To travel is to respect, understand, discover, but also think of the future. This is why we are particularly attached to certain values: - Leave the places as we find them ... Each adventure is organized in a way that leaves no waste in the sites visited. After each passage from us, deserts, mountains and beaches must be left in impeccable condition, in the interests of responsible and sustainable tourism. - Respect water points, fauna and flora ... - By using organic products, and taking care to leave the minimum footprint on the ecosystem we visit. - "Clean deserts" - Waste recycling and treatment is a normal custom for our teams. Some garbage is transported to public landfills in nearby towns or villages. - Traditions, habits and customs, immersion and respect ... The trip must allow meetings, respect for each other's cultures and traditions, - Fair tourism, shared resources ... - - Our teams are exclusively made up of locals, be it guides, camel drivers, cooks and their remuneration is fair.